The Guess Corporation Plans New Diamond Certification Group

The North Carolina-based organization aims to provide transparency for trade.
The Guess Corporation plans to launch a new diamond certification group that will be an association. The new certification group will be based in North Carolina and will provide enhanced diamond certifications. Prior to issuing certificates, the new group will require ownership history along with a thorough investigation into the diamond's origins to ensure that it is Kimberly certified and conflict-free. Along with a certificate, clients seeking certification will be provided with a comprehensive report that includes all history of the diamond, a compliance clearance and a multi-faceted appraisal under the current market conditions. A clearance list will also be maintained of approved sellers, buyers, gemologists and security personnel whose backgrounds have been checked. There will be a separate list for stones that have not been flagged as questionable and/or stolen. The new certification group will also issue certificates to gemologists following very rigorous testing and in order to maintain their certification, they will be required to attend continuing education classes. The Guess Corporation also intends to propose that the State of North Carolina lead the nation in requiring gemologists to be licensed by a state commission and members of a state body much like appraisers and real estate brokers are required to do. The new certification group will seek to offer a degree program in gemology through one or more colleges in the North Carolina area.

The Guess Corporation launched its diamond unit in 2014. "Diamonds are an important part of our global economy, and we want the new certification group to become another reliable source for ensuring not only the authenticity of stones, but also their legality for those involved in regular trade," the company issued in a statement. The name and location for the new certification group is being determined and will be announced in the coming weeks as the company consults with industry professionals.

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