Precious claws by Paolo Piovan

Precious claws by Paolo Piovan

For over forty years the Italian maison has been appreciated around the world for the 'fantastical' masterpieces it creates.

For forty years Paolo Piovan has given free rein to his imagination with snakes, claws and dragons, figures that could populate fantasy stories, and turns them into elaborate jewelry, Baroque and finely finished; as if he were gradually animating his fantastical imagination. Within the creations by Paolo Piovan, who joined jewelry industry at an early age, live many aspects: exclusivity and excellence, skilled craftsmanship, a passion for beauty, continuous research and the selection of the finest quality materials; all fundamental aspects for the creation of his world of bold yet at the same time discrete, refined and even provocative offerings.

Every Paolo Piovan jewel is entirely handcrafted in Italy with meticulousness and passion.

Each one is a precious sculpture which transforms primary elements, metals and precious stones into something unique, giving both visual and tactile pleasure. Outstanding examples include the special Burmese ruby and diamond collections or the famous Claw: realized in gold and cleverly worked and embellished with natural diamonds, a unique and extravagant jewel, a wearable pleasure for a confident woman ready to show it off leaving an indelible scratch.

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