Like Walking on a Dream

Like Walking on a Dream
Dancing in the Rain collection by Laura Bicego presents jewels with a unique, dreamy, subtle twist.
Imagine yourself surrounded by freshly laundered sheets drying under open blue skies, or walking through the first rainstorm of the season and it slowly hits you; that fresh, earthy smell. It’s this kind of pure, innocent emotions that internationally notorious Italian jewelry brand Nanis - established by Laura Bicego - is conveying through its Dancing in the Rain collection. The milky aquamarine, the white moonstone of these jewels capture the crisp yet delicate scent of fresh linens and the primeval breath of a purifying rain. Dancing in the Rain is only one of the latest additions  from world renowned designer Laura Bicego. From the words of her favorite writer to the beautiful flower blossoming on her morning walks, the designer is able to shape her inspirations into a flowing, stunning world of precious creations..

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