Global evolution of Milor Group

Global evolution of Milor Group

100% Italian DNA, unbeatable value for money and the ability to interpret and anticipate trends.
"We are proud to present our full range of offerings from the Milor Group and to further strengthen our position. Our vision is driven by long-term investments in research and development and the implementation of innovative materials and techniques. This has allowed us to develop an enitrely vertical structure. Uncompromising quality and fine Italian craftsmanship are the founding values of Milor Group." With these words Mouhadab Albert, vice president of the Milan based group, describes the evolution of the company which is strengthening its offer for the consumer market and capitalizing on its legacy in the production and distribution of jewelry. From the Diamore brand (silver and cubic zirconia) to the Etruscan jewelry griffes, Bronzallure and Perlaviva (galvanic in 18kt gold); from brands Bianca and Paz Creations (silver) to Soave (electroformed gold) to the watch brand Moments, Milor Group demontrates that it is a solid Italian group with a strong international vision and the ability to ensure the best value for money.


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