The White Rabbit’s house

The White Rabbit’s house

The Forma Architects Studio, based in Zurich, designs innovative spaces which give a nod to the future while remaining consistent with the past, one such example is the Queen’s Lane Jeweller’s in Geneva.

[su_highlight background="#042653" color="#ffffff"]RETAIL[/su_highlight] If Alice in Wonderland had been set in the Twenties the Queen’s Lane Jeweller’s and Watchmaker’s in Geneva would have been the perfect home for the White Rabbit who, instead of constantly scurrying about trying to find out the right time, could have been comfortably seated on the statement sofa upholstered in Royal blue velvet surrounded by perfectly synchronised clocks. The Forma Studio in Zurich designed this playful space by mixing typical art deco elements such as the bronze window frames, pied-de-poule fabric covering the walls and white lacquered panels featuring the sunray motif which was typical of that period, all this juxtaposed with bright blue velvet poufs, a high-backed sofa featuring the capitonnè padding technique, and glass domes.


All the furniture, chairs, tables and poufs as well as the unusual sofa were designed by the Forma Architects Studio who also managed to create a comfortable, spectacular and modern environment which seamlessly blends styles from the past • MC

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