From sculpture to jewelry

From sculpture to jewelry

The story of the designer Stuart McGrath must be read or told. Currently based in London and Dublin, he was a master sculptor who, after a serious accident, decided to follow his true passion, designing fine contemporary jewelry: “I spent many years designing and carving stone as my primary career, and jewellery design has been an evolution of this training.” Armoura is the name of his brand, based on the principals and craftsmanship which Stuart learned through sculpture: “It has always been my aim to create conversation-starting jewellery; tactile pieces that people can’t take their eyes off of. I’m considering a move back to London from Dublin, as I have received such a large amount of sales from here, both for my own designs as well as collaborations, as well as range design commissions from brands which is great.” The Rainforest Ring, one of his iconic pieces designed to be memorable, perfectly shows the distinctivesculptural characteristics of form, weight, finesse and a tactile nature: “It also signifies the talisman effect that jewellery has when worn, it gives the wearer a confidence and strength like a traditional suit of armour.”

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