Indomitable Diamonds

Indomitable Diamonds

Symbolising ever-lasting love, perfection and strength, diamonds are the most sought-after of all precious stones.
The Beatles sang about “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”. In fact, if it’s true that diamonds are rare on Earth, there are billions of them in space. Astronomers call them detonation nanodiamonds, smaller than a human cell, they are found on meteorites and form in a millionth of a millionth of a second, unlike terrestrial diamonds which take much longer to form and at a depth of tens if not hundreds of kilometres underground. But it is here on Earth where these gems meet their mysterious appeal, thus making them the most sought-after, prestigious stones in history. The origin of the word  ‘diamond’ comes from the Greek word “adamas” which means unconquerable, because ancient people knew of no other material which could damage or cut it. People already knew about diamonds in the Orient 3000 B.C., they appeared in the Western world during the period following Alexander the Great’s travels.

Since then many legends and accounts have described the value of these gems. Transparent, radiant, incredibly hard, pure and unchanging, it is the talisman stone par excellence, the prerogative of princes and the powerful. Legends from various parts of the world associate the formation of diamonds with the gods, describing them as divine tears raining from the heavens or as divine intervention, in fact, according to legend they have the power to drag Lucifer down into the underworld. Some populations believe diamonds can increase love and make it long-lasting, this is why it is the traditional stone for brides and lovers; others thought the stone possessed health properties and they recommended it as protection against poison, curses, the plague and other serious illnesses. Even today, diamonds are still associated with strength and hardness, as well as perfection and beauty: the gift of a diamond symbolises an eternal bond, unbreakable and shining, just like the gem itself.

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Extraordinary diamonds

Strong and incorruptible, diamonds represent solidity and perfection and boast great therapeutic powers. According to Ayurvedic medicine a diamond possesses each of the five elements, all in perfect harmony, while crystal therapy states that diamonds can help with sensorial problems, the nervous system, fears and depression. Generally speaking, diamonds encourage free thinking and expression, they promote strength, energy and inner development, they help one to free oneself of restrictive rules and useless behaviour while increasing one’s sense of justice. A diamond is an excellent anti-depressant; it offers support during periods of personal failure, when one loses faith in oneself. This particular gem helps one to gain control of one’s life. It stimulates rational thinking and processing, thus facilitating learning. It also helps with decision-making and problem- resolving processes. It has a purifying effect on the body and is recommended for all types of mental problems. It also strengthens the nervous system and hormonal glands and can be used by placing it directly on the seventh chakra or simply by carrying it.

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Mineral: Diamond Chemical Composition: C Colour: Colourless Reflection: 2.42 Birefrangence: None Density: 3.52 (+/-0.01) Hardness: 10

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[ts_row] [ts_one_half] Numbers Diamonds are made of the hardest material in the world - 58 times harder than any other material found in nature. [/ts_one_half] [ts_one_half] diamond2 [/ts_one_half] [/ts_row]

[ts_row] [ts_one_half] diamond1 [/ts_one_half] [ts_one_half] Record Oppenheimer Blue is the name of one of the most valuable diamonds in existence: 14.62 carats, it was auctioned at Christie’s last May for a staggering 57.5 million dollars. [/ts_one_half] [/ts_row]

[ts_row] [ts_one_half] Unreachable Treasure There is treasure in space. An 11-billion-year old diamond-like stellar remnant is the coldest white dwarf star ever to be discovered. C.F. [/ts_one_half] [ts_one_half] diamond3 [/ts_one_half] [/ts_row]

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