The intense wonder of a magical fragrance

The intense wonder of a magical fragrance

In a world consumed by mass-produced items of generic quality, House of Sillage returns to the essential elements that define luxury, with an emphasis on beauty and elegance.
Founder of House of Sillage, Nicole Mather, focuses intently on distinguishing every detail from the artistry, traditions and unmatched craftsmanship of the classic parfumerie while transcending modern conventions. House of Sillage creates extraordinary fragrances, each with their own unique inspiration, which are produced in France by a team of highly skilled noses, artists and designers.

Each breathtaking bottle is tailored by years of experience and has been given timehonored attention from the rare and exotic ingredients to the brilliantly-designed jeweled caps, which have made each fragrance a treasured and collectible work of art. House of Sillage revitalizes the true meaning, nature and passion of haute parfumerie. Recently, House of Sillage has released its Limited Edition Passion de L’Amour fragrance.

This fragrance is an exclusive, limited edition product, where only 1,000 of these magnificently designed caps have been produced worldwide. Passion de L’Amour was inspired by a moment of sheer bliss on a hot tropical night in the SouthPacific. Breezes of vanilla and caramel entice while hints of oud carry you to far off exotic locales. Sumptuous adventure awaits. This alluring parfum comes in the classic House of Sillage ombre lacquered glass bottle to add to the luxurious experience that is the hallmark of House of Sillage. This breathtaking cap is plated in 18 karat gold, with hand-set inlay of the highest quality cut, custom colored Swarovski crystals.

The stunning, delicately placed flower is hand carved and set in genuine Mother of Pearl, with an Asher-cut Swarovski stone placed in its center to embody true opulence. The playful gecko on the cap of this luxurious fragrance is covered in over 100 hand-set crystals, and its spirited eyes are carefully placed with inverted crystals to give it a brighter, more lively look. Every piece of this coveted design was carefully designed by the most skilled atelier jewelers to convey the utmost magnificence of the highest quality luxury. House of Sillage carries on the unique legacy of a luxury haute parfumerie and currently distributes product in over 35 countries with plans to expand sales throughout select markets worldwide in the near future.

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