The Stylist, Amelianna Loiacono

The Stylist, Amelianna Loiacono

The stylist, Amelianna Loiacono, is the fashion editor for Elle Italia and Gioia magazines and collaborates with Grazia, Icon and Vanity Fair. An avid cinema-lover, she worked as a costume designer on Luca Guadagnino's movie "The protagonists" which was filmed in London and starred Tilda Swinton.

Do you remember the very first item of jewelry that you fell in love with?

As a girl I loved my grandmother's rings. She had a lot of 1920s style family rings and she wore several all together. I was enchanted by the colors of the precious stones and how the diamonds sparkled. My mother, on the other hand, wore 1980s gold jewelry and the clearest memory I have is of a pendant by Pomellato with a very playful, articulated little man and that's why I was so fascinated by it as a child.

What features does an item of jewelry have to have in order to capture your attention?

I am a real lover of vintage so I am naturally attracted to antique jewelry. The items that never cease to catch my attention are those with a story and a past. I love Bulgari, Cartier or Tiffany because they constantly reinvent their iconic pieces.

Can art, jewelry and fashion exist one without the other?

Art, jewelry and fashion have always gone hand in hand. Some items of jewelry are authentic artistic master-piece. One only has to think of high jewelry. I have a particular weakness for everything produced at the beginning of the century and linked to Art Nouveau. My degree thesis was on the American Civil War and I still find that particular period of history extremely fascinating. Beauty was everywhere. The same decoration could be found on a table, a pin, a fabric.

What is more important in jewelry? The shape, the material or what it communicates?

Undoubtedly what it communicates. I am not able to assess the value of an item of jewelry, I understand very little about the price of stones on the market and I cannot evaluate the cut of a diamond. Therefore my approach is purely emotional. Jewelry moves me and tells me something.

What item of your own jewelry do you think of as a kind of good luck charm?

The item that I always wear is a 1970s gold chain by Tiffany with a heart-shaped pendant that opens. It holds a photo of my fiancé and my little dog, which lived with me for eighteen years before she died. It is a necklace that I never take off, an item of sentimental value that I am truly fond of.  I also always wear a multi-strand bracelet with 1960s coins on it that was given to my mother when she came of age •

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