‘Scatenata’: a chain celebration

‘Scatenata’: a chain celebration

With ‘Scatenata’ exhibition Milan celebrates an essential tool of the jewellery

It might represent eternal love and all the other good stuff about human connection: the eternity of the circle linked, without beginning or end, to other circles. And it also might express intense feelings like oppression, imprisonment and pain. In short, the chain is a perfect symbol for the paradox that is life. But in jewellery, chains have always had a coveted place. This timeless element is now celebrated by a ‘Scatenata’: a special exhibition curated by Alba Cappellieri and running at the Stelline Foundation from the next Monday 21 February till 5 March. With 150 exemplary jewels made by craftsmen, artists and designers, the exhibition shows how a simple functional element can give life to extraordinary jewellery, in which creativity and innovation come together.


A necklace by Versace from 1992 A necklace by Versace from 1992

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