The power of gems

The power of gems

At the Stanislav Drokin atelier, creative minds and knowing hands unite to use modern technologies where precious stones are the absolute leading players.
Over 20 years of excellence and charisma brought Stanislav Drokin’s jewelry to rise bright on the international jewelry scene. Every item is unique, and only occasionally in a limited edition. The objective of this process is the manufacturing of jewellery with emotions, personality, intended for enthusiasts of contemporary jewellery art.

Each piece goes quite a distance from idea to realization. The manufacturing of one piece can take up to 300 working hours. Moreover, a search for ideal colour and sizes of stones sometimes takes months. In the process of creation advanced technologies and handwork are utilized. This mix gives a possibility to achieve the finest quality performance.

Coloured gemstones and opals hold a special place in jewellery from Stanislav Drokin. Favoring European facet of the best houses with centuries-old heritage, taking care of the process of creating jewellery, bringing his own creativity, this way the main elements of the value of jewellery are shaped.

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