Zorab Atelier De Création

Zorab Atelier De Création

Flagship Boutique Inspires Trust. Zorab Atelier specializes in bespoke and limited edition pieces from rare and unusual gems that range from classic jewelry to masculine-themed art objects.

[su_highlight background="#042653" color="#ffffff"]RETAIL[/su_highlight] The Lebanese-based family jeweler employs a mine-to-market strategy. They source gems from mines in Africa and South America, cut them in Bangkok, and create the pieces in-house with 150 artisans. Their highly elaborate pieces are popular among those with specific tastes and deep pockets. Clients include oil tycoons from Russia to Texas as well as international celebrities, such as Elizabeth Taylor, Mariah Carey and Celine Dion.


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“Colored gems are my passion,” says Zohrab Istamboulian, who founded the firm more than 40 years ago. “My daily ritual is to buy rough and cut gems. I re-cut and shape them to their utmost beauty. I then set them in bold, unique, sometimes very daring and eccentric jewelry that I make with the skill that was passed to me through my parents.”

In 2011, the firm opened its flagship boutique in Beirut, Lebanon. The glass exterior reveals black cases where their jewels are displayed for those passing by. Inside, white marble is dominant with a central sculptured chandelier. The modern shell is offset with antique wood furnishings from different eras and regions.

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Istamboulian says the boutique inspires trust for its clientele.

“The client wants direct contact with the designer,” he says. “They feel assured with what they are buying. There are too much synthetic stones floating in the market. They trust the designer because at the end of the day integrity is the most important for the survival in the long run.”


by Anthony De Marco

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