Charlotte De Syllas at Goldsmiths in London

Charlotte De Syllas at Goldsmiths in London

A retrospective exhibition at Goldsmiths is celebrating 50 years Charlotte De Syllas work.


You may call them sculptures. You may call them jewels. Charlotte De Syllas creations are amazing accessories coming to life in the form of birds with wings widespread, flowers in bloom, human heads in a mode of quiet contemplation, and sea creatures. Silver, platinum and gold serve as supporting materials, merging with the gemstones to create sublime contrasts reflecting the materials’ distinctive characteristics. Deceptively simple, the jewels are complex in their symbolic message and reveal the dedicated integrity of their creator. Now her works are celebrated by the first major solo exhibition Charlotte De Syllas: Sculpted Gemstones running till 15 July at Goldsmiths’ Hall. The Goldsmiths’ Company display provides insight into this renowned studio-based jeweler's creative imagination and illustrious career spanning over 50 years.


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bobbys_ring_1969_grey_chalcedony_and_18ct_gold_private_collection_photography_simon_b_armitt_2.jpg__0x600_q85_crop_subsampling-2 Bobbys Ring, 1969 Grey Chalcedony and 18ct gold-Private Collection.jpg

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flight_necklace_2015_white_russian_nephrite_jade_18ct_white_gold.jpg Flight necklace, 2015 White Russian Nephrite jade 18ct white gold.jpg

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pips_earrings_1972.jpg Pips Earrings, 1972.jpg

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