The archaic darkness of jewel

The archaic darkness of jewel

Black Off is the new autumn-winter collection created by Design Digest.

Between fashion and design, the brand Design Digest created a new collection which embraces futuristic visions. Black Off evokes a different style and explores the material of the accessories in a new way through mysterious, incomprehensible and delicate geometries. Minimal and elegant, each creation suggests aesthetics of luxury, enhancing the skill, the quality and the philosophy of the brand. Next winter woman will wear monochromatic accessories with a hint at sinuous and promising profiles, associated with contrasts between matte leather and polished steel, finished with artisan passion by seams that take inspiration from sailing. The collection is realized using a new procedure that makes steel black . This technology, in addition to darken the matter in the mass, makes the material more resistant and with a refined surface. This procedure is called DLC and it is an innovative physical method based on chemical element Carbon, used especially in aeronautics.

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by Design Digest The swing black rings

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black_hole_bracelet_0 by Design Digest Black hole bracelet

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 by Design Digest Magnet scratch ring

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