Romancing the (green) stone

Romancing the (green) stone

Along with opals, imperial jade will the most valuable coloured precious on the markets in 2017. So says Cesari & Rinaldi Gemmai.
For many years now the Rimini-based company  Cesari & Rinaldi Gemmai has specialised in the supply of the rarest, finest coloured stones to the most prominent jewellery brands. Thanks to its privileged relations with top jewellery maisons and its creative division’s strategic vision, Cesari & Rinaldi Gemmai manages to consistently pre-empt – and in a certain way even influence – new trends within the jewellery industry. According to the company, jade will feature heavily in the 2017 collections, as it is viewed as being fundamental for access to eastern markets. It has the prestige of the most admired precious stones as well as immense symbolic value: Confucius believed that jade contained the 11 virtues of man (including benevolence, loyalty and credibility).

The most valuable variety is jadeite, or imperial jade, which is ‘apple green or emerald green. Another important stone is opal, a hydrated amorphous form of silica from Australia, it can be black, white, pink and orangey- red. According to Cesari & Rinaldi Gemmai, one stone which will be crucial for upcoming trends is pink opal. Both jade and opals are included in the company’s catalogue, the Masterpieces section accompanies and assists the most important jewellery brands with their development and creation of one-off collections.

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