55.55 by Chanel: The Necklace that Celebrates the Perfume N ° 5

Chanel unveils the 55.55 necklace, a true masterpiece of the "Collection N ° 5", the first ever to be dedicated to a perfume

A perfectly octagonal 55.55-carat custom-cut diamond of D Flawless quality,  a 18-carat white gold bezel set with 104 round diamonds and 42 baguette diamonds: these are the details of the new 55.55 necklace, just unveiled by Chanel as the first piece of the “Collection N.5”. The new high jewelry collection which, as the name evokes, has been created to celebrate the 100th year of the N°5 perfume’s fame, promises to be majestic for its exceptional levels of creation and technical mastery: one hundred and twenty-three pieces have been specially made to interpret all the facets of the perfume, from the architecture of the bottle to the olfactory explosion of the fragrance. «This is an unprecedented approach,» observes Patrice Leguéreau, Director of the High Jewelry Creation Studio. «We started with a rough diamond that we had cut, not to make the biggest stone possible, but to obtain a perfect octagonal diamond weighing 55.55 carats.» Figurative as much as it is abstract, the 55.55 necklace goes beyond an exercise in style: it symbolizes the embrace between the spirit of perfume N ° 5 and the creation of increasingly exceptional jewels. The jewel is a real masterpiece that Chanel has chosen to preserve in its “Patrimoine”, as a symbol of the indissoluble bonds that unite Place Vendôme with perfume N ° 5.

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