All the colors of Picchiotti

All the colors of Picchiotti

The Italian jewelry maison unveils a new collection dominated by the intoxicating beauty of the rarest gemstones.
Picchiotti’s Special Gem Collection boasts a unique collection devoted to the rarest and most beautiful coloured gemstones, this year encompasses an exceptional array of four exclusive pairs of earrings. Each one of them is a tribute to a specific gemstone honouring its special colour  and characteristics. Vivid Red Pigeon’s Blood Cushion Rubies of Burma origin are beautifully towered by two flawless round brilliant-cut diamonds that further enhance their intense colour. Pear-Shape Fancy Yellow Diamonds are richly mounted with a setting of large size round brilliant-cut diamonds, and completed by a beautiful pair of pear-shape white diamonds. A simple setting for a beautiful pair of Blue to Vivid Blue Oval Sapphires surrounded by an outline of round brilliant-cut diamonds. Pear-Shape Zambia emeralds, magnificently crowned by a pair of marquise diamonds and a duo of round diamonds, complete this unique assortment.

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