A dive into the wonder

A dive into the wonder

Exclusivity is an often overworked concept. But with Zorab’s jewelry, this word immediately wins back all of its significance.
Founded over 40 years ago by Zohrab and Arsine Istamboulian, the family run Lebanese maison Zorab Atelier de Creation has become known worldwide for creating joyful and unique pieces inspired by nature. Today Zorab is run by the second generation of Istamboulians, Henri and Liza. Thanks to production facilities in Bangkok and gem sourcing offices in Africa and South America, the maison has an extraordinary talent in finding some of the most incredible precious stones in the world. Each item is created through a very painstaking process that can take from six month to a year to be completed.

Every aspect of the production is handled in-house” thanks to more than 150 expert craftsmen. Zorab is one of the few left in Haute Joaillerie that have kept their entire production in-house to ensure quality. The result is a enchanting range of collections (averaging 500 pieces) where the rarest and most beautiful stones – colored diamonds, sapphires, Brazilian Paraibas, rhodolites and tsavorites – meet the most superb aesthetics to create truly astonishing masterpieces. The list of international jet-setters that are all about Zorab’s jewellery is incredibly long and includes the likes of Rosario Dawson, Amber Heard, Mariah Carey and Kerry Washington. Zorab’s commitment to excellence is evident in every piece, and has earned the company prestigious awards in Madrid, New York and Vienna.

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