Straight to the heart of jewelry

Straight to the heart of jewelry

K di Kuore entered the jewelry market aiming to create stylish handmade jewels, characterized by original and minimal shapes.
K di Kuore style has been highly recognizable and strongly innovative during these twenty years. Linear geometries match themselves designing exclusive and original items. The brand becomes a synonym of elegance and glamour. All pieces are handmade, making each jewel a unique piece. Every K di Kuore creation is a story to wear. The particular designs are mainly inspired by the exchange between man and nature, craftsmanship and technique, culture and society. K di Kuore in 2016 celebrates 20 years of success and elegance. Now the brand is a Contemporary Cult in the handmade jewelry panorama. K di Kuore has started his history in 1996, in Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance. The brand was established in 1996, thanks to Giuliano Giannini and a group of fashion and jewellery professionals. The main source inspiration has been the nature, especially the sun.


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