Symbolic Emerald

Symbolic Emerald

A unique gem with a thousand properties, the emerald is synonymous of awareness and revelation.

A highly valuable stone, the green emerald has been bursting with symbols and properties since the beginning of time. To start with in Ancient Egypt, where it was considered as the stone of wisdom and secret knowledge, able to reveal the future and provide protection from magic spells and sorcery. According to the writings of some classic authors like Theophrastus, Plinius and Appian, large statues were sculptured in emerald. Theophrastus tells of a one metre eighty long and one metre thirty wide emerald that the Pharaoh gave to the King of Babylon and an emerald column located in the temple of Hercules at Tyre.

For centuries it was believed that the emerald had healing properties, especially for eye diseases. It is said that Nero watched the games in the Coliseum through a green, emerald lens to correct his short-sightedness. According to Plinius, in fact, one only had to stare at an emerald for tired eyes to become fresh and rested again. Great divinities in Central America and India bear an emerald on their foreheads: the famous third eye, able to penetrate beyond substance. An emerald also shines from the forehead of the Aztec goddess Umina, who, according to legend, was the bearer of extraordinary abilities. For alchemists of all ages, and in the knowledge of ancient religions, green originates from red and the emerald is the symbol of occult and mysterious awareness, something that goes beyond the material and sensitive world. Therefore, the green stone is a symbol of great synthesis and has safeguarded an immense power for millions of years. Even now it is still linked to awareness and greater enlightenment.

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Curative Emerald

Although its capacity to grant the gift of clairvoyance could be doubtful, the emerald's ability to resolve health problems is a sure fact. Soothing in cases of eye disease, the emerald strengthens the sight and protects the optic nerve. It brings relief to heart and intestine diseases, nasal inflammation, headache and epilepsy. It detoxicates the liver, skin and intestine. It has a beneficial effect on symptoms involving the respiratory apparatus.

It soothes nervous system problems. It combats insomnia when placed under a pillow. Used in cohesion with copper, it is useful against rheumatism. Its high frequency stimulates that of the organs and the fourth and fifth chakra. It improves memory, enhances oratorical skills, acts as a natural tranquiliser in moments of anxiety. It is believed to be the stone of universal awareness and has the power to favour intuition, the perceptive sense and introspection.

It encourages selfsincerity and the love of others. It frees the mind and stimulates creativity. It donates equilibrium, favours altruism and the ability to work in a team. It boosts optimism and the joy of living, thus proving to be an effective anti-depressant.

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Mineral: Beryl

Chemical Characteristics: Be3al2si6o18

Colour: Intense Green

Refraction: 1.577 To 1.583

Bi-Refringence: 0.005 To 0.009

Density: 2.72

Hardness: 7.5 To 8

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[ts_row] [ts_one_half] emerald1 [/ts_one_half] [ts_one_half] Cleopatra The fascinating Queen of Egypt had a close relationship with emeralds. She wore fantastic jewellery and gave her dignitaries emeralds engraved with her image. [/ts_one_half] [/ts_row]

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Fairy Tale From a treasure at the bottom of the sea, an ancient ten-carat emerald ring worth 500,000 dollars has surfaced in Florida just off Key West. Making this exceptional discovery was Mel Fisher during his search for a Spanish ship which sank during a hurricane in 1622. C.F.

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