Ferrari Firenze's secret

Ferrari Firenze's secret

Appeal and tradition combined to produce jewelry by this Tuscan maison.

It is said that jewelry often unequivocally reflects the beauty of the place it was created in. This consideration comes as no surprise when one picks up a piece of jewelry by Ferrari Firenze. The company makes all its creations in a workshop nestled in the lush Tuscan hills just south of Florence. Gold, precious stones and other rare and unusual materials combine and converse with grace and savoir-faire. The allure of the environment is perfectly suited to the magic and wonder of the precious items Ferrari Firenze creates according to strict quality standards and using sophisticated aesthetic and production skills. From the flower-shaped ring which closes when turned upside down to the ring that tinkles when it moves, every piece of jewelry by Ferrari Firenze is specifically designed to tell a story about enthusiasm, movement, energy and surprise in a fresh and intriguing manner.

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