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Gabriel & Co. Launches Gabriel Magic, a Virtual Reality Tool
Ever wonder what a piece of jewelry would look like on before buying it? Now consumers can thanks to fine jeweler, Gabriel & Co. Last month, Gabriel & Co. launched Gabriel Magic, a virtual reality (VR) tool that's the first of its kind.

The new VR tool allows the consumer to see the details of any piece of jewelry in the Gabriel & Co. collection with a 360-degree rotation. By using any VR visor (shown below), the consumer can see the piece of jewelry as if they are wearing it themselves. The display seen through the VR visor responds to head-tracking and viewpoint changes at all times.

Gabriel & Co. is the first brand in the jewelry industry to offer this technology and it's the next step in how the brand plans to interact with its consumers.

"Within a couple of years, not only will consumers be able to view the Gabriel & Co. collection through the Gabriel Magic tool, but they will also be able to shop through it," said Jack Gabriel, co-founder of the brand. "It will be as natural as using a mobile app to purchase. This new technology will offer the consumers a completely new shopping experience."

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