Phioro, luxury from another world

Text by Federica Frosini

Clare Pardoe was born and raised in Dubai despite her very British look. From 2010, Clare has managed to turn her brand Phioro into one of the most exclusive luxury houses in the Middle East. The slogan, 'Premier, Precious & Prestigious', contains a concept of very personal design that drives her creations. "With the first collection 'Suspension of Reality', my intention was to capture the wild soul of nature and 'freeze' it in a unique, exclusive setting as a statement about everyday life.” The watchful eye of Clare toward her beloved Dubai has enabled her to come up with a local code according to which elegance and luxury go hand in hand with spectacular forms and volumes. A path without any intermediate milestones until last year, when Clare launched qi by Phioro: a readyto- wear line based on the Chinese qi philosophy.

Phioro Clare Pardoe necklace

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