Get Smart!

Get Smart!

How to launch a startup within the jewelry sector, the latest trend.

[su_highlight background="#042653" color="#ffffff"]RETAIL[/su_highlight] For some years the term ‘smart jewelry’ has fully established itself in the everyday vocabulary of maisons of luxury and fashion companies. If you also have plans of creating a smart jewelry startup, here are some key words to memorize.


In order to be considered smart, a jewel needs to be able to connect to mobile devices such as smart-phones and tablets to receive notifications, updates and multimedia content. To do so, the piece of jewelry could utilize various technologies, especially NFC, which allows two devices within four centimeters of each other to send and receive information, and of course Bluetooth.


A must for a smart jewelry startup is crowdfunding platforms, sites specializing in connecting those who have an idea to evolve with those who are willing to invest money in financing it.  The most popular are Kickstarter and Indiegogo.


Smart jewels fall into the category of wearable technology as wearability and comfort are essential requirements for their effectiveness. For this purpose, companies experiment with a variety of different materials, from silicon to surgical steel, from eco leather to plastic and a particular material called "digital textile".


Many smart jewels are designed to ensure the wearer’s safety.  For example CuffLinc is a bracelet that thanks to a small GPS tracker allows you to launch an SOS to a circle of trusted people if necessary. While  Guardian Angel is a necklace that can simulate a fake phone call to save us from an unpleasant conversation or a potentially dangerous encounter.

Venture Capital

Today the world of venture capitalists is a point of reference for many young entrepreneurs. Even in the smart jewelry sector: among many outstanding examples, standing out is Ringly, a tech ring funded by a pool of venture capitalist with over 8 million dollars.

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