The empire of grace

The empire of grace

Marvellous stones meet lavish, luxurious creations in Sutra Jewels collections.
The First Lady Michelle Obama, Katy Perry, Halle Berry, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Kate Benkinsale, Kim Kardashian and Mila Kunis are just a few of the international stars who have gone crazy about Sutra Jewels. The company, established in 2008 by designer Arpita Navlakha and husband Divyanshu Navlakha after both graduating from GIA - the prestigious Gemological Institute of America - exemplifies sumptuous modernity. Sutra’s eclectic array of vibrant stones highlights and enhances the brightly different characters of each of its clients. It’s the maison’s belief that every lady at any age can show their true inner-self through the excellence of its jewellery collections. From cascading earrings to gently decorated rings, from the feather-light caress of a delicate necklace to the comforting grip of a studded bracelet, each of the these pieces are as various as the ladies they enhance and yet, like these ladies, possess a unifying thread of delicacy and beauty.

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