The parallel universe of Lydia Courteille

The parallel universe of Lydia Courteille

Just walking through the door of 123 Rue Saint Honoré in Paris finds you completely immersed in the surreal precious world of the French designer.

[su_highlight background="#042653" color="#FFFFFF"] RETAIL[/su_highlight] The historic Parisian boutique of designer Lydia Courteille has undergone a total makeover at the hands of the famous interior designer Roxane Rodriguez, who has managed to capture the essence of the designer enclosing it in a few square meters.  Walking through the doors of the boutique located at 231 Rue Saint Honoré finds you catapulted into a parallel universe, its displays inspired by the IXX century mediate between the real world and that of the designer, each with its own precise mood and color: turquoise, opal, jade, coral and ivory decorated with mythological creatures and animals anything but cute and sweet like spiders, snakes and frogs.


Lydia-Courteille_BOnce inside you feel catapulted into another era, among royal blue finishings, black cabinets and gold details, in an incredible carnival of jewelry, like a meticulous antiquarian who managed to  create what he was looking for. Here fashion meets fantasy and the spirit of female literary figures with jewel covered fingers lingers in the air, women sitting on plush armchairs in midnight blue with a strong spirit of conversation; here like in an enchanted hothouse Lydia Courteille cultivates her dreams • MC

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