A Diamond is Forever? Yes, but Traceable

Revolution at Tiffany & Co. As of today, diamond traceability is laser-engraved directly on the stone with a unique “T&Co” serial number

Although the Tiffany & Co. diamond and its blue Tiffany packaging has been revolutionizing the collective imagination for decades, with today’s announcement, the American company scores yet another point in its favor. Tiffany & Co. has announced that it will start supplying its customers with information on the origin (region or country) of the diamonds that it has recently stocked and individually registered: an important measure to guarantee transparency regarding diamonds. Moreover, by 2020, the company will also provide information on the artisan process thus introducing an absolute innovation into the sector. By tracing all its individually registered diamonds (with a carat weight of 0.18 and above) thanks to a unique “T&Co” serial number laser-engraved and invisible to the naked eye, Tiffany will be giving its customers information on the specific geographic origin of every stone. Tiffany retains that information about diamond origin is essential for ensuring that the stones come from responsibly-managed mines throughout the world and also guarantees that they are not from conflict zones. Tiffany’s “Diamond Source” initiative is the result of twenty years’ investment aimed at guaranteeing a responsible approach to the supply and artisan workmanship of diamonds. Alessandro Boglioli, Chief Executive Officer of Tiffany & Co, says, «Diamonds were formed 3 billion years ago and came to the Earth’s surface by a miracle of nature. They symbolize the most important moments of our lives and, when we speak of Tiffany diamonds, everything must be clear. Our customers want and deserve to know where their precious stones and much-loved diamond jewelry come from and also to know how they got this far.» Anisa Kamadoli, Chief Sustainability Officer at Tiffany & Co., adds, «A transparent description of the responsible supply process reflects the very many advantages that characterize every phase of the diamond supply chain. For some time now, Tiffany has been committed to guaranteeing diamond traceability and to going beyond the sector regulations for promoting environmental protection and human rights.» Tiffany & Co., compared to other companies, adopts unique measures since it has and manages workshops for polishing diamonds all over the world where it employs more than 1500 Tiffany craftsmen. To underline the difference compared to the competition, besides data regarding the origin, Tiffany will also be sharing information on diamond processing.

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