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Jewellery Auction Against Coronavirus In Italy

Click the keyords “CROWN JEWELS FUNDING ITALY” on Facebook, and make your choice! This has to be the must for the next 48 hours.

Artists and designers of contemporary jewelry have joined, donating their creations, for a charity auction in favor of the Italian Red Cross, to fight the Coronavirus. The artists have until this evening, Monday March 23, to make their works available, while the auction will open to the public tomorrow, March 24 and will be active for 48 hours. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Italian Red Cross and the payments will be made directly by those who win a piece to the Red Cross. 
Among the artists who have made a work available for the charity auction are emerging young artists, established goldsmiths and internationally renowned artists. Just to name a few: Maria Rosa Franzin (president of the AGC Association Contemporary Jewellery Italy), Philip Sajet (who has his works at the Rijskmuseum in Amsterdam, the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris and many others), Bruno Pedrosa (who has his works at the Vatican Museums in Rome, the Corning Museum in New York and many others) and Gigi Mariani (who has his works in the permanent collection of the Museo degli Argenti of Palazzo Pitti in Firenze).

  • Adriana Genos, Sunset, brooch

    Adriana Genos, Sunset, brooch

  • Alessandra Calvini, Mileto, necklace

    Alessandra Calvini, Mileto, necklace

  • Barbara Uderzo, Riccio, ring

    Barbara Uderzo, Riccio, ring

  • Bruno Pedrosa, Rinascita, brooch

    Bruno Pedrosa, Rinascita, brooch

  • Flyinhome, Titanium Flower, ring

    Flyinhome, Titanium Flower, ring

  • Francesca Gabrielli, Gazometro, earrings

    Francesca Gabrielli, Gazometro, earrings

  • Gigi Mariani, Solitario, ring

    Gigi Mariani, Solitario, ring

It is in favour of the Red Cross, so almost all the artists have halved their prices to try to make the pieces as accessible as possible and collect as much as possible. The entire amount will be donated to charity by yourself. 
How? Scroll through the jewellery for auction Posts. Write your offer in the comments section of the Post where you have found the piece(s) of jewellery you are interested in. If at the end of the auction you have won, donate the final amount to CROCE ROSSA ITALIANA by Bank transfer.
Solidarity account dedicated only to fundraising: 
IT 93 H 02008 03284 000105889169 
Registered to Associazione della Croce Rossa Italiana 
Paypal   HYPERLINK "mailto:paypal@cri.it" \t "_blank" paypal@cri.it 

Send the receipt / email / payment confirmation (a screenshot is also ok) with your Shipping address to  HYPERLINK "mailto:crownjewelsfunding@gmail.com" \t "_blank" crownjewelsfunding@gmail.com 
The shipment of the jewellery will take place as soon as the emergency is over, according to the situation of the sender and the recipient. 
We appreciate your patience and understanding. 
You will be contacted by the artist whose object you have purchased for more information. 
It is therefore a wonderful opportunity to make a unique and meaningful gift, while helping the battle against Covid-19.

  • Gioia Maffucci, Radici, brooch

    Gioia Maffucci, Radici, brooch

  • Giorgia Pisciutti, Thuja, earrings

    Giorgia Pisciutti, Thuja, earrings

  • Giulia Savino, Elements, earrings

    Giulia Savino, Elements, earrings

  • Laura Volpi, Open, ring

    Laura Volpi, Open, ring

  • Lunante, Break it, ring

    Lunante, Break it, ring

  • Maria Diana, Reef Blue Classic, earrings

    Maria Diana, Reef Blue Classic, earrings

  • Maria Rosa Franzin, Luceombra, earrings

    Maria Rosa Franzin, Luceombra, earrings

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