A new UK Collective helps the Jewelry Sector

Supporting jewelry business during this challenging time through access to relevant resources, links and business insights: this is the goal of UK Jeweller Support Network

Supporting the jewellery trade during Covid-19, this is the mission of the UK Jeweller Support Network, a coalition of people, resources and skills, bringing together different leading jewelry industry organisations and membership bodies in order to assist to assist independent and family-owned retailers, designer-makers and jewelry trade professionals struggling with the ramifications of Covid-19. It provides a dedicated web page (www.naj.co.uk/jewellersupportnetwork) and an Instagram account where to find Government financial advice, e-learning resources and trade-specific opportunities. Taking inspiration from the Jeweler Support Network in the United States, the UK Jeweller Support Network will also give local businesses the chance to submit their stories, including advice for engaging furloughed staff. Simon Forrester, chief executive officer of the National Association of Jewellers, says: «The Covid-19 pandemic is both a global health crisis and an economic crisis, particularly for small and independent businesses that are now facing lengthy closures and restricted access to essential services. Together, we can weather this storm by sharing our expertise, knowledge and resources – it is our goal to sustain independent jewellers and ensure they can continue operating just as soon as restrictions are lifted.»

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