A Space Journey for Gucci’s New Watches

Unveiled in Geneva last week, Gucci's haute horlogerie has been enriched with new models inspired by space travel and a passion for discovery

Gucci has embarked on a dreamlike journey through space with its new haute horlogerie collection, presented in Geneva last week. Inspired by the golden age of space travel and the passion for discovery, Gucci Haute Horlogerie flies through the universe with timepieces that mark time without ever losing sight of the company’s style. The new entries, which are divided into five exclusive collections, feature tourbillons, moon phase movements and a new perpetual calendar, combining Gucci's tradition with its contemporary savoir-faire. Here, haute horlogerie expertise and excellence merge with the company’s iconic codes, avant-garde craftsmanship and the most extraordinary stones. Standing out among the kaleidoscopically designed collections is the G-Timeless Planetarium, a collection literally centered around the Dancing Hours Flying Tourbillon caliber GGC.1976.DS. Named in honor of the Orion Nebula NGC 1976 - one of the brightest nebulae in our galaxy and visible to the naked eye - the tourbillon stands out in the center of the dial, embellished with a diamond-studded star. A start-and-stop function on the crown activates a rotating sequence of 12 precious stones, each of which turns on itself in 9 seconds and orbits clockwise around the dial in 90 seconds. 2023 will see two moon-themed creations enter into space: one is set with 12 Ethiopian opals, whose vibrancy stands out against a translucent blue background; the second is a dreamy pastel mélange of topaz, peridot, amethyst and Ethiopian opals. Another model takes us to an unworldly sunset of contrasting reds: rubies, fire opals, pink tourmaline and tangerine garnet. Lastly, the brightest new idea is a creation dominated by four types of stars, each dotted with diamonds, which together surround the central tourbillon star creating a brilliant explosion of light. This collection is joined by G-Timeless Dancing Bees, which celebrates the bee motif as a tribute to life and nature’s conquest of space. Twelve golden bees move across the dial, fluttering and sparkling hypnotically at the slightest movement of the wrist. The G-Timeless Moonlight, a sophisticated Gucci caliber due to the GGV838.MP moon phases that can be customized and is made to order; the Gucci 25H Skeleton Tourbillon featuring baguette diamonds, including 60 diamonds on the floating bridges of the dial and 44 on the bezel; and finally, the Grip, which, launched in 2019, immediately became a cult model due to its pioneering spirit and uniqueness that combines the skateboarding culture of the 1970s with a sleek and trendy design.

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