The Alien Creatures of Hugo Kreit

Through “Tears”, his first collection, Hugo Kreit debuts in the world of jewelry evoking flair and wonder as well as disturbance

«I’m very happy to announce that after one year in the making, I’m launching my jewelry brand today. I make jewels now.» That was how, on 7th September 2020, Hugo Kreit announced the launching of his new brand on Instagram. A jaw-dropping debut for the young industrial designer who, through “Tears”, his first collection, offers us a unique and complex image able to evoke flair and wonder as well as disturbance: «It’s about the 80s, science-fiction, the glamour and the scary, the beauty in the weird. It’s about alien princesses». A tribute to mutating aesthetics in which strength and fragility find a compromise through a courageous encounter of apparently contradictory materials and shapes. «In my work, I explore the relationship between the organic and the artificial. I like to mix natural elements with synthetic substances. Noble components and poor materials have the same importance.» Kreit created the first 100 pieces of “Tears” entirely by hand in his studio/apartment in Paris, using artificial resins, agate and pearls. All united by a liquid chrome finish to obtain a “shocking” effect.



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