All Tied Up. The New Issue of VO+ April 2024 Is Out

The new VO+ issue, coming out these days, talks about jewelry culture and its value today, of a renewed classicism to be preserved, and about macroeconomic scenarios from East to West, with a highlight on Angola

The April issue has always been the “place” where we in- corporate selected voices from the world of jewelry, together with more distant points of view, to guarantee that transversal vision that has always accompanied us. And we do so by imme- diately opening with the words of Lisa Koenigsberg, President of the Initiatives in Art and Culture in New York, who helps us to understand what making culture in the jewelry world means today and which tools are needed so that, by contributing with their work to the understanding of its artistic value, the new generations of makers do not dispel it. A story that continues throughout the pages of the issue with a double interview with the Buccellati family and the Wonder Balich Studio, which is responsible for setting up the next exhibition in honor of the fa- mous Italian company. With them we address the crucial theme of classicism and its relevance and how it is seen today through the use of unusual cuts, materials and contemporary shapes. Lastly, a story of positivity with Jules Kim, founder of the Bi- jules brand, in a personal account that reveals how jewelry can become the main player in the concept of positive luxury.

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