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All stages of love in seconds, in the new Amen spot

"Beautiful things are made to be together". This is the new claim launched by Amen, a brand that knows how to anticipate the times. In fact, according to the new launch spot for the latest collection, it seems to be San Valentino.
We talk about love, we could almost say from 0 to 99 years, because the story told in those few seconds begins with two tender children who meet at a party, who then find themselves in adolescence, get engaged, love each other, grow up together , until everyone lost their way.
Until, many, many years later, they find themselves, recognizing themselves despite the signs of the time.
Also thanks to a ring, a pendant and a pair of special earrings. Precious objects that had accompanied their journey. Et voila ... love is ready to be reborn ... who knows ...


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