An Eye for Detail

Memorabilia from Ancient Egypt and surrealist details reminiscent of Salvador Dalí, merge in precious jewel cuffs by Lydia Courteille

Elena Dmitrievna D’jakonova was the Russian model, artist and art dealer who hit the headlines as Gala Éluard Dalí, the wife and inspirational muse of Salvador Dalí. She is the protagonist at the center of these cuffs by Lydia Courteille. “Gala Ma Muse” is the inscription in white or black diamonds that the refined and always surprising French designer has literally built around two “eye coverings” of Egyptian origin, dating back to 4,000 years ago. Courteille, who has always based her stylistic expression on retrieving rare objects from the past, in this case has taken two archeological objects and turned them into unique and distinctive jewels, from both the material and aesthetic aspects. Even managing to combine them in a tribute to the father of surrealism. A whim of someone who knows how to play with style among different styles.

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