Animalia in Florence

The last month to explore the animal's world through the fashion and jewelry exhibition at Palazzo Pitti

Till the 5th of May is still possible to see the extraordinary exhibition “Animalia Fashion” at Palazzo Pitti in Florence. Through the historical rooms of the "Museo della Moda e del Costume", the exhibition explores the impact of the animal kingdom on contemporary fashion and design. On show Roberto Coin, Lydia Courteille, Chopard, Lorenz Baümer, Hemmerle and Cartier with their iconic pieces. A selection of Haute Couture gowns, accessories and jewels by distinguished designers from 2000 to present displays the crucial role of animals in inspiring creative process, by explicit depiction or allusions, or the associations that shapes, textures and colours can raise in the viewer’s mind. The exhibition is spread across 18 rooms, with sections devoted to specific animals including swans, shells, parrots and fish, as well as butterflies. In one of  this rooms is possible to admire the Hemmerle’s butterfly brooch created with striking green emeralds, tsavorites and peridots set in yellow gold. A perfect journey of exploration probing the history of zoological science, but above all, a discovery of forms and colours that conjure up images of animals both common and rare.

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