Beatrice Borromeo, New testimonial of Exception for Buccellati

Beatrice Borromeo, Rome and Buccellati's high jewelry creations. The new advertising campaign of the Italian brand is a unique concentrate of beauty and elegance

Diamonds and genuine craftsmanship do not need color to shine in all their beauty. The new Buccellati advertising campaign, launched on June 18th, proves it. In a series of black & white images and in a short movie, the young British photographer and director, Josh Olins, describes a day in the magic and eternal city of Rome, trying to find unusual sights and iconic places. The testimonial of exception for this advertising campaign is Beatrice Borromeo, who, totally at ease on the photo set, goes around the city with which she feels a strong bond. The shots enshrine Beatrice’s free spirit and refined grace, who emphasizes with intense expressions the beauty of the Buccellati jewels and the workmanship techniques characterizing them: hand- engravings that render the gold surface soft and precious, the Maisons’ iconic lacework patterns, and the inspirations drawn from Nature and Renaissance times.

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