Between The Abysses with Giovanni Raspini

Giovanni Raspini presents the new Nautilus collection in Milan, inspired by the famous novel by Jules Verne “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea”

Yesterday Giovanni Raspini presented his new collection through the event exhibition "Nautilus / gioielli dal sottomarino del Capitano Nemo" (Nautilus/ jewels from Captain Nemo's submarine). The new and original creations are on display to the public from today until Sunday the 17th, in the splendid rooms of Palazzo Visconti in Milan. A location rich in history that maintains its charm and combines perfectly with the mood of the event. Important jewels with pearls, stones and corals, all handmade made by the ancient technique of lost wax casting, silver and white bronze architecture characterize this collection inspired by the novel by Jules Verne. The popular French writer who in 1870 anticipated modern science fiction through the famous Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. The protagonist of the book and also of the exhibition is the Nautilus submarine, a bronze model that Giovanni Raspini created in collaboration with the Tuscan creative historian Giancarlo Fulgenzi. Adventure, imagination and creativity come together to give life to a new story whose pages have been rewritten within the Tuscan laboratory that for almost 50 years has been making unique creations with a strong identity

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