Bibi van der Velden Presents Her Alligators

A new chapter of the Animal collection, so much loved by the Dutch designer, in Mammoth tusk, gold, tsavorite, malachite, diamonds and pearls

Bibi van der Velden’s latest addition to her Animals collection, is the Alligator. Inspired by her travels to Africa before the pandemic, these prehistoric creators mystical and ancient on the earth have survived many threats and therefore, their strength, stealth and steely eyed determination provided the perfect traits for the new collection, Alligator. The earrings are designed in 18k yellow gold and 60,000-year-old mammoth tusk, with the alligator’s mouth acting as the earrings’ closing mechanism, so they snap the ear. With tsavorite eyes, the tails on these alligators move too, underlining Bibi’s attention to the most minute of details, also available with malachite or entirely gold. Two playful alligators are crafted to coil around the lobe in these bold earring designs. While light to wear, these earrings create a strong, standout look with the largest and most standout of all the alligator family, 8cm in length. The alligator’s jaws grasp onto the 18k gold chain of the pendant necklace, creating a glamorous piece of fine jewelry distinct edge. The alligator body is hand-crafted in crystal and the head and tail either side in 18k yellow gold, with green tsavorite eyes. The back of this item sits three delicate sustainably sourced stones: an emerald, watermelon tourmaline & pink tourmaline. For a  lifelike touch, the alligator’s articulated tail moves with the wearer. Unveiling the latest captivating addition to the Animal Collection, the Alligator Pearl Bite earrings. Playful yet with an opulent glamour, these earrings are intriguing with a delicate bite mechanism. Designed as an intricately-crafted  alligator in 18k yellow gold, delicately placed white diamonds along the body and eyes that glisten with green tsavorites. The alligator’s jaws snap to tightly grasp a Tahiti pistachio pearl. Displaying the signature Bibi Van Der Velden attention to detail, the alligator’s body gently bends with a natural light swing and curve to move with the wearer. So take a bite into the new era of Bibi van der Velden inspiration taken from an ancient wise and wily creature that walked the earth with dinosaurs.


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