Boucheron’s Inclusive Love 

To mark Valentine's Day, Boucheron has launched its new We are one campaign to celebrate the instant when two people become one

Venturing beyond familiar boundaries is an attitude that has led the Boucheron company to renew the classic concept of high jewelry, nurturing it with experimentation, passion and a certain avant-garde vision. The same vision can be found in the new We are one campaign, released in time for Valentine's Day, to celebrate the chemistry and magic of two people coming together. 

Immortalized in an inclusive gestural expressiveness, a man and a woman perform the union of two destinies, ennobled by the wonderful pieces in the new “Because of Love” collection.

“Everything is love, love is everything” the new jewels seem to say through their precious features. The Vendôme Liseré solitaire boasts an emerald-cut diamond, pavé diamonds and black lacquer; it is paired with white gold earrings with pavé diamonds and a cut diamond. The sparkling bridal set, consisting of the Rivière Vendôme necklace and bracelet, is in white gold and pavé diamonds. The Place Vendôme Column appears ethereally through the transparency of an emerald-cut rock crystal, reminiscent of the shape of the Place Vendôme seen from above. The Quatre Radiant Edition rings - a solitaire in yellow and white gold with a round diamond, and a wedding ring in yellow and white gold - are a tribute to Parisian cobblestones, typical of Place Vendôme.

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