Buccellati: Savoire-faire and One-of-a-Kind Elegance

Ancient art and contemporary inspirations together for the new collections of the historic Milanese maison

Dust of the Moon, Mont Blanc, Hydrangea, Honey-heart, Passion, Imperial Leaves, Aubade. These are the evocative names chosen for the new creations of the historic Milanese maison by the Creative Director Andrea Buccellati. Today like yesterday, the Polvere di Luna necklace, bracelet and earrings are the result of days of drilling and manual engraving; the Ortensia bracelet recalls the color and delicacy of the flower, while the one from the Honey-heart line features a sunny pattern with a delicate honeycomb pattern. The cocktail rings are of great effect, including Passione, with a faceted tourmaline surrounded by small leaves in white gold studded with diamonds, and Mont Blanc, with a round pearl that stands out like the top of a mountain. Aubade earrings evoke the extreme softness of the colors of dawn, reproduced through what almost looks like pierced lace illuminated by rubies, and the Imperial Leaves earrings the laurel wreaths of kings and queens. Masterpieces of goldsmith art that never cease to surprise for their savoit-faire, all one-of-a-kind objects that will not have replicas.

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