Buccellati Turns 100 with a Personal Cut

Inspired by the maison's Renaissance rose window, the "Buccellati diamond cut" celebrates its 100th anniversary

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    elsa ring

Marcel Tolkowsky is a name that perhaps says nothing to most, but what this Belgian stone carver of Jewish origin was able to create in 1919 is very common and "popular". He owes it to the modern round cut, better known as "brilliant cut", which has become the diamond par excellence as well as the most exploited in jewelery. This year, the "brilliant" celebrates its 100th anniversary, exactly like maison Buccellati, who for his first century has decided to give himself a cut of his own, launched during the Haute Couture week in Paris. The "Buccellati diamond cut", thus recognized by the GIA, looks like a stylized flower, inspired by the maison's Renaissance rose window. A daring elaboration that combines the skill of skilled artisans and the unmistakable style of the historic Milanese House. In Paris, important pieces debuted on the scene, which see him as the protagonist: the Cnossos pendant and earrings, the Vega earrings, the Sterlizia cuff bracelet, the Ventaglio line, and the Eternelle Elsa and Evanthe rings.

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    cnosso earrings

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    evanthe ring

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    vega earrings

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    ventaglio pendant

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