BVLGARI: Between Past and Present

1010 shop windows open to the world of cinema and vacation art through the new Cinemagia collection while the initial restoration work on the Costantino Bulgari Archives has finished

To celebrate the summer season, Bvlgari goes on show with 1010 shop windows involving more than 283 boutiques worldwide. Art Week, the inspiration behind the Cinemagia High Jewelry collection, is at the center of this project launched in June in the extraordinary setting of Capri. The inseparable link between the Maison and Cinema becomes glamorous and irreverent window dressings, where pleasure and fun intertwine in a world that is both fantastical and real. A touch of retro-chic is provided by the lively 1950s posters that present imaginary films set in Rome, Capri, Portofino and Lake Como – top locations where movie stars spend their holidays, living a Hollywood-style life off the set among yachts, paparazzi and secret love stories. The golden popcorn and maxi eccentric drinks that prevail in the showcases, however, recall warm, carefree and happy evenings at the open-air cinema.

While the colored shop windows display the precious stones and diamonds blossoming on the Roman company’s jewelry, in Siena, the first part of the operation to secure and restore Costantino Bulgari’s Archives has come to a close. An exceptional collection of documents on Italian gold and silversmiths from the 1300s to the 1800s, the result of his own research and photographic campaigns. The jewelry items documented were donated in 2010 to Siena University by daughter Anna Bulgari Calissoni, a priceless asset of enormous cultural value that enriches Italy’s historic patrimony.

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