Chimento and the First Multi-Measurement Ring

Among the most innovative and technologically advanced goldsmith companies, Chimento presents the patented Size-Fit™️ mechanism, destined to revolutionize the fit of rings

The historic Vicenza-based company Chimento launches a novelty that revolutionizes the fit of rings. Thanks to the patented Size-Fit mechanism, the rings of the Brio, Luce and Essenza collections will have a wearability of up to five sizes. Strictly in 18K gold and natural white diamonds, Brio, Essenza and Luce are declined in three exclusive designs and available in three colors of gold, yellow, white and pink, with polished or satin finish and different sizes. Thanks to the Size-Fit™️ mechanism, it will be possible to extend the fit of the rings up to five sizes, which means there will no longer be any need for customizing. It is an invisible mechanism that remains hidden in the inner structure of the ring without compromising the design and style of the jewel. Size-Fit™️ guarantees a perfect fit and unique comfort. Thanks to this technology, the Chimento ring will have the peculiarity of lasting over time without the risk of altering its design and style.

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