Clip Mia and Clip Sintesi: the two latest collections by Gismondi 1754

The historic Genoese company reinterprets Clip, an already iconic collection whose look is the result of research and extraordinary intuition

Clip, the already iconic collection by the historic jewelry company Gismondi 1754, has now been extended and enriched with two more lines, Clip Mia and Clip Sintesi, each with its own personality, imprinted as always by the hand of its patron, Massimo Gismondi. The original idea stems from the term clip, an almost onomatopoeic word, which recalls the function of a common paperclip holding together two or more sheets of paper. While the original collection was inspired by the shape of a paperclip remodeled into an earring, bracelet or ring, Clip Mia is the exact adaptation into precious raw materials - yellow and pink gold, diamonds, emeralds, pink and blue sapphires - of that already familiar object as it is, with no modifications. A pure and simple paperclip that becomes a jewel in itself, the central protagonist of a ring, an earring, a bracelet, a necklace or as a pendant, giving the wearer a fresh and contemporary look, perfect for those who live a dynamic life but know how to recognize the beauty of simple things.

Clip Sintesi, on the other hand, was created as a conceptual evolution of the shape and function of a paperclip, arriving at what could be defined as a deconstruction of its idea, ultimately retaining only its essential elements. A sort of extreme aesthetic minimalism, which does, however, exalt small but significant details of that singular main object.

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