Coco Crush 2022: New In At Chanel

The iconic initial letter of Chanel and the quilted motif become the patterns of Coco Crush 2022: the new collection of fine jewelry

“C” for Crush, “C” for Coco, “C” for Chanel. The iconic initial letter of the French Maison become one of the main motifs of the Coco Crush 2022 collection, together with the quilted motif, an emblem of the House since the creation of the 2.55 handbag in 1955. “No coincidences, there are only encounters” is the mantra of a series of new jewelry praising the marriage between a crush and eternity. The idea of love thus becomes the center of gravity of models which are refined but perfect to be worn every day. Available in beige gold, yellow gold or white gold, with or without diamonds, pieces show sharp, regular lines intersect over smooth, rounded surfaces, polished and set by hand to reflect the light to perfection. The star of the collection? The pavé diamond ring in white gold and fully paved with diamonds using the technique of snow setting, in which stones of varying diameters are selected and positioned in random fashion, so creating reflections like sunshine sparkling on snow.

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