COI: The Made in Italy Boutique

In the heart of Florence, since 1954, the reference point for the foreign public of Italian jewelry lovers

When it opened in 1954, it was supposed to look like a sui generis project, one of those shooting stars destined to disappear in a short time. Instead, COI, Commercio Oreficeria Italiana headquartered in via Por Santa Maria 8, has slowly become a point of reference for wealthy tourists passing through Florence, thanks to constant word of mouth that has made its fame grow so much to seize the attention of Gold Art. Since 2019, this elegant multibrand jewelry store - Marco Bicego, Fope, Tavanti, Falcinelli Italy and Serafino Consoli are among the most requested brands – has been owned by the group from Arezzo, and from this year it also boasts two windows inside two highly strategic locations, considering the target, namely the Savoy and Four Seasons Hotel. At first glance, we might even think that it is a boutique like many others, were it not for the fact that the sales team is specifically trained to illustrate in a short time the aesthetic and technical features of the manufacturing creations that find in Made in Italy a great added value of appeal to foreign audience. So, you go in, attend a brief explanation on the single brand based on the tastes and requests of the customer or group that has previously booked the visit, and then you buy. The whole thing in a short time, calibrated according to the needs of those who are in Florence for a leisure stay, but enough to do everything with peace of mind. Such experience often builds customer loyalty, so much so that Gold Art has decided to create a “virtual” figure of personal shopper for those who want to continue shopping from home, on the website.

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