"Colore", The New High Jewelry Collection by Giampiero Bodino

The chromatic strength of important gems dominates the new high jewelry pieces by Giampiero Bodino

July is one of the most anticipated months in the world of jewelry, the moment when the big jewelry houses reveal their one-of-a-kind creations, an excellent expression of inventiveness and craftsmanship. We begin our journey to discover the new high jewelry collections, with the unique pieces by Giampiero Bodino. The master chose to celebrate the architectural and natural beauty of his land - Italy, through the chromatic intensity of precious gems, such as large rubellites, emeralds and sapphires. The new one-of-a-kind jewelry series, called “Colore”, is divided into three specific themes. The “Barocco/Ghirlanda” necklace and earrings recall the friezes of the facades of a church in Lecce, through large drops of rubellites, combined with amethysts, fire opals, yellow beryls, diamonds and pink gold. The three rings of the "Corona" line reproduce the royal symmetry typical of a tiara, with sumptuous arabesques and stones with a strong value, such as blue sapphire, a symbol of nobility and truth. Finally, the “Primavera Floreale” set celebrates the beauty of nature of a typical summer day in Italy, with the use of large emeralds impeccably combined with floral designs made of white gold.

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