"Contemplation", Boucheron's New High Jewelry Collection

Boucheron Art Director Claire Choisne reveals “Contemplation”, a High Jewelry collection that is personal, intimate, almost confidential

The purity of white, the serenity of blue… These are the two dominant elements in the latest High Jewelry collection, launched last week by Boucheron with a video presented by Claire Choisne. The creative director of the Maison shared with the public the inspiration and exceptional nature of "Contemplation", one of the most intimate and personal collections ever created, which through incredible compositions celebrates the most poetic and lighter side of nature. A raindrop, the passing of a cloud, the movement of a feather, a murmuration… Every piece tells about a suspended instant, as impalpable as ephemeral, revealing emotions that words are unable to express. One of them is the “Sky Drop” necklace, an amazing creation in which capturing a small piece of sky. «Through this necklace, I wanted to capture the impalpable and to offer a piece of sky to wear around the neck,» says Choisne. «This dream was made possible the day we discovered Aerogel. Aerogel is the material that has the lowest density in the world, consisting of 99.8% of air and 0.2% of silica. NASA actually uses it in space, on panels, to capture stardust. Aerogel has the same properties as the sky, and is blue for the same reasons the sky is blue. Therefore, its colour varies depending on the light. We encapsulated our Aerogel “Sky Drop” in a rock crystal case.»

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