Coral, Pearls and Cameos, from Italy to Japan

On show in Kobe, the private jewelry collection belonging to the D’Elia/Vitiello family from Torre del Greco

From May the 2nd to 6th, at the Kitano Museum in Kobe, Japan, visitors will be able to admire the private collection belonging to the D'Elia/Vitiello family from Torre del Greco. Three years after the celebrations held in the famous city near Naples to commemorate the 150th anniversary of relation between Italy and Japan on the cameo, pearl and coral business, a new event sees the Italian family - pioneer in creating the first 'via del corallo' and 'via del cameo' in Japan since the late 1800s - in the leading role. In the city of Kobe, where the D’Elia family settled and began their pearl, coral and cameo activities, a fascinating exhibition has been organized by the Italian Institute of Culture in Osaka, in collaboration with the Embassy and Consulate. Among the items on show: artifacts from private collections, vintage photographs, contemporary images and valuable objects. To mention just one, "Moses Saved from the Waters", a shell worked in full relief (engraved on its entire surface) by Giovanni Sabbato from the Neapolitan school.

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