Dancing Pearls by Yana Nesper

With the “Jewellery In Motion” video, the German brand reveals the privileged relationship between its jewels and the lines of the body wearing them

Naturally beautiful and elegant, pearls are the absolute protagonists of creations by Yana Nesper. In the designer’s creative imagination, these “immaculate” gems lose their more classic and traditional soul to become multi-functional modern amulets. Indeed, each item can be worn in different ways thanks to an innovative design, purposefully studied to offer versatility. Focus is on the personality of each woman. It is on her that the jewelry comes to life, creating a veritable dance between the curves of the body and the pearls. Hence, as the “Jewellery In Motion” video made by the German company well portrays, a fascinating and playful relationship arises between each piece and the wearer. Immersed in an ethereal dimension, the model reveals the various ways in which some of the most innovative top items can be worn. Like the models of the Balthasar collection, winner of the "German Design Award" in the “Excellent Product Design Luxury Goods” category: made with shiny South Sea pearls and casual link 18-carat yellow gold chain, these items can be put to different and surprising uses. Or like the creations in the Transformers line, featuring mobile pearls that can be moved and rearranged at will, offering the wearer the chance to use her own creativity and change style to suit her mood. 

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